Staining & Gap Filling

Staining Wood Floors is Our Speciality!

Wondering what’s so good about staining wood floors? It’ll enhance the grain of your wood rather than hiding it – this alters its colour and makes it look much more attractive. We offer you this as well as gap filling for even better results. We’ll fill up major gaps in parquet block floors and hardwood and pine flooring, before going ahead with the staining. Don’t worry about the cost – we’ll arrive on-site and give you a no-obligation quote on our services. You can take it or leave it.

High Standard Sanding and Staining of Wood Floors, and More

Sanding and staining your wood floors as well as gap filling will bring your home amazing looking parquet, people will Be jealous of. It will also allow you to experience many benefits, like:

Staining & Gap Filling

  • Flooring with a seamless surface, beautifully sealed for years to come
  • Prevention of any dust and dirt from falling between floorboards and building up in crevasses
  • Cleaning your floor made much easier
  • Bringing out the grain of your wood instead of covering it with paint

Like the sound of that? Check out our sealing service for more details on what else we can offer your home, and our commercial floor sanding to learn what perks your office can enjoy with us.

How Do We Fill Floorboard Gaps?


Both filling floorboard gaps and staining are part of our floor sanding process – they’re both optional.We’ll carry out gap filling like so: we’ll mix a clear resin filler with saw dust collected while sanding in order to make a thick putty with the same colour as your floor. Larger gaps from 5-12mm will be filled in with strips of reclaimed wood – strips are cut to a tapered shape then glued and hammered into the gaps before being planed off and sanded smooth.

Need staining as well? We’ll test different stains on a small section of your flooring so you can decide which colour would suit it best. All stains are affected by the colour of the sanded boards. We’ll apply it by hand or roller, it will take at least eight hours to dry.

Expert Team for Gap Filling and Staining

Staining & Gap FillingStaining wood floors is only worthwhile when performed by seasoned specialists, and our team are just that! Get the benefit of our years of experience in the industry today. Our materials and equipment are first-class and not available over the counter. We’re BONA-certified and know how to get the job done for you in a speedy and practised manner. We’ll work diligently and quietly so we don’t disturb you and your family.

Get Professional Sanding and Staining of Your Wood Floors


You’ll need to arrange a no obligation visit on 020 3404 6914 to receive our staining and gap filling services. We’ve set up an online chat feature for those customers who’d rather not call. Alternatively, you can enter your relevant details into our easy-to-use online form to arrange your own viewing. You can contact us any time, 24/7, we ensure our call centre is staffed round-the-clock by dedicated, friendly and helpful customer care professionals.